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Loop follows selection ALWAYS

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asked Jan 21, 2019 in Recording by davlet (4,950 points)
Option: Loop follows selection always. So if I put cursor in any place on a timeline, loop selection disappears.

Pro Tools works this way.

This is very helpful when recording. Recording stops when reaches end of a loop selection. Recording continues forever (until I hit stop) if there is no loop selection.

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answered Feb 23, 2019 by erikhusler (4,050 points)
Maybe I'm misunderstanding - I mean, you have it, right? When you don't engage loop mode it's inactive anyway. Are you asking for the PT HD option, recordings and the DAW stopping at a certain point instead of your having to press stop?

I use the same loop shortcut as in PT, numpad 4. And another for Loop follows selection. I think Deactivating - but not losing - a marked loop area is an improvement over PT. You can check something, then go back to the marked loop to further record or listen. No more need for "restore last selection" -  that lost it immediately after you marked something else anyway.