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UC doesn't see 32r

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asked May 15, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by uzebmi (150 points)
HI, I updated UC ( Windows 10 ) then I downloaded ar32 upgrade. From the moment I installed the update UC doesn't see anymore the 32R, I am not able to install the firmware, happens the same with Big Sur as I tried to update with the MacBook Pro.I made factory reset to my 32R but still not working, when I open UC I have only  the UC windows and doesn't appear the 32R. I use the 32R as mixer in rearshal room and as stage box connected to Studiolive 24 in recording room, about the 24 everything works, even with the 32 linked. But I can't use the 32 as mixer in rearshal room. Any suggestion? Thank You

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