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Recording Mix and Master tracks with a summing amp...

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asked May 21, 2021 in Studio One 5 by rodericmege (330 points)
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Hi !

I'm a professionnal music producer and I recently decided to switch from Logic Pro to Studio One Professional. I'm currently on a Mac but soon, I will be on Windows. So it's a big change for me as a user with 30 years with Apple Logic Pro - Emagic Logic Audio - C-Lab Notator...

I'd like to be able to recreate my Logic Pro workflow in Studio One because it is really great to work this way ! Could someone, skilled enough about this kind of routing, help me to acheive it without loosing the synchronicity between tracks ? This would be great !

I'm reading the manual and watching as many video I can to become a Studio One Professional expert but It will takes time for me to be fluent like I was under Logic...

My setup includes my computer, a RME UFX+ audio interface and a Dangerous Music D-Box+ external summing amplifier.

This is my Logic routing :

- When mixing, I uses 4 stereo busses with buss processing that are routed to UFX+ analog outputs for external summing

- The UFX+ analog output 1 to 8 are connected to the D-Box+ inputs 1 to 8

- The stereo sum out of the D-Box+ is connected to the UFX+ analog inputs 7 and 8

- MIX channel receive the Sum Out (inputs 7 and 8), use Mix bus processing and can be recorded in a MIX REC track

- MASTER channel receive the Output of the MIX channel and use Master bus processing (plugins) and can be recorder in a MASTER track

Nb : With a summing amp, the sound needs to go outside and return inside the box, so offline bounce can't be used.

1 In logic, this is what I do :

- All the channels are routed to one of the 4 stereo bus A, B, C and D, outputting to UFX+ outputs 1 to 8 (to be summed).

- A MIX bus take the input 7 and 8 from the UFX+ (this is the sum output) apply mix bus processing (plugins) and send this to a MASTER buss (In Studio One, a bus can be routed to but can't use an input as sound source.)

- A MASTER bus apply master bus processing (plugins) and goes to Main output (AES for me) to be listened to.

- A MIX REC track records the MIX bus output and send its output to nothing to prevent a sound loop.

- A MASTER track records the MASTER bus and send its ouptut to nothing to prevent a sound loop.

So this way, I can :

- Listen to the mix, by bypass all the master processing plugins

- Listen to the master, by enbling all the master precessing plugins

- and record both MIX and MASTER channels in real time. This is great !

If you are working the same way or have a template song that is doing all that, I would be happy to learn how you do.

Thanks !

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