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Clarification on Summing routing

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asked Aug 10 in Studio One 4 by dominiquelacroix (120 points)
I already have an instance of Pipeline on my mixbus going to my external processing, and back into channels 9-10 of my Orion. To use my summer, I routed all my stereo busses to 4 stereo channels to my tube summing box (instead of sending them to the mixbus), and return back into channels 11-12 of my Orion interface. Then created a stereo track with 11-12 as input and clicked monitoring on that track.

I have 2 areas of confusion regarding summing with Studio One.

1. The signal coming back to my stereo track is about 5db quieter than it was on my Mixbus prior to sending to the summer.

2. On my return input 11-12, I inserted the Pipeline insert to my ourboard (same as I did on my Mixbus). The sound now goes to 2 places - both the Mixbus & the stereo return track (input from 11-12) get signal even if nothing is routed to the Mixbus anymore. Somehow pipeline creates a bridge and receives sound from my return track 11-12?

 Can anyone help?

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