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64s and 32r in a studio for tracking and mix down with summing

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asked Jun 24, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by bukman (570 points)
I am considering purchasing a 64S as my main recording studio console.

I am also considering a 32R to connect via AVB to use as my main connection point for mics and pres and for use as a patch bay back to my console for use during recording. I use studio one.

For final mixing I would also like to use the 32R for its extra outputs to add to my available console outputs and use these together on mixdown to feed a summing mixer before feeding the mix back to the console and printing back into the daw.

Would this studio set up need the 32r to be in stage box mode or monitor mode to achieve the above or would the mode change depending if I was recording versus doing my final mixing and summing?

There just doesn’t seem to be a decent SLIII guide available that helps those that want to set up the studiolive hardware mainly for recording studio use.

Any help would be welcome.

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answered Jun 24, 2019 by wahlerstudios (105,290 points)
There is no documentation for special scenarios with the 64S involved available at this time, so I can only guess... What you try to do seems to be possible in Stagebox Mode, because you use the console's screen or UC Surface to set the network routing. Input channels 1-32 of the 32R must be routed to channels 33-64 on the console and auxes 17-32 must be routed to physical outputs 1-16 on the rack mixer. I don't see any reason why this should not work. In Monitor Mixer Mode the rack mixer needs to be connected to a router, because you need remote control (UC Surface).

But there comes the question into my mind why you try to set up such a complicated system. In DAW mode you can use the console as 32 channel interface and (more than) 64 channel mixer for Studio One. A rack mixer is only needed to expand the numbers of physical input and outputs, not for routing tracks between computer and console.
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answered Jun 24, 2019 by bukman (570 points)
Thanks for the quick reply.

I need the extra outputs so that I can sum my mix through an analog summing mixer and will need about 24 analog outputs combined. Once through the summing mixer I would record the summed mix back into my DAW. It’s just how I prefer to mix but the 64S doesn’t have enough outputs.

Besides the above the 32R also allows me to connect all of my mics and other devices I have at my rack rather than into the back of the console. This allows me to patch into the system with less clutter and without needing to feed a ton of cables up to the console sitting on my desk.