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Can S1 Video Window Be Fullscreen????

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asked Mar 31 in Video by andrewzhong (300 points)
i need to play the video during the show, and l use s1 as my program player, but the video window can't be fullscreen on the stage screen. I don't want to see any toolbar or frame ... It makes me anxious

Macos 12.6 on Macbook Pro 2020

Studio One 6.1

3 Answers

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answered Aug 1 by louderstudioigor (340 points)
Also we need this in Show mode
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answered Sep 20 by lucapaoloarosio (180 points)
Me too, I'm waiting for this update!
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answered Sep 21 by NickH (200 points)
Yeah.. I bought the upgrade from v4 to v6 especially for using the video live.

This really should be implemented!