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When will the MIDI arpeggiator in S1 V5 be fixed?

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asked May 31, 2021 in Studio One 5 by tomslowcat (3,610 points)
I was really hoping V5.2 would finally fix that buggy Arpeggiator Note FX but no, still broken.

It was working fine in V4 but since v5 it's a disaster: getting stuck notes all the time, won't start playing sometimes (you have to keep hitting the All notes Off button in the MIDI monitor to get it to go again) and other times, it plays when there are not MIDI clips at all (like after moving a clip for instance, as if it didn't register the MIDI data was moved)! Stuttering or out of sync when live recording.

And all those glitches are happening so randomly there is no point opening a support ticket with a "how to reproduce" procedure.

Please tell me it's in the pipeline and we'll get a properly working arpeggiator in V5 before you move on to v6...

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answered Oct 13 by samuelvonbahrjemth (140 points)
has this been solved for v5 users?