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S1 Arpeggiator's play rate doesn't adapt well to the automation curve

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asked May 13, 2023 in Studio One 5 by dnielhussy (120 points)
Hi Support Team!

I created a "Multi instrument" that's built like this: Arpeggiator (Note Fx) -> Sample One

After that I created a Macro Controls Mapping to the Arpeggiator's Play rate parameter, because I wanted to automate it, but I have issues with that.

I have a one bar length MIDI note that I wanted to split via the arpeggiator, based on its Play rate automation curve. When the rate switches from 1/4 to 1/8 there is a small delay until the arpeggiator acknowledges the new play rate.

But this happens only on the fly, if I render the event with the "Render Instrument Tracks" action the rendered notes are correct.

I recreated this instrument stack without the "Multi instrument" solution and it works fine, so I guess the delay is in the delegation chain between the multi instruments macro controls and the arpeggiator.

Could you please check this issue?

Thank you,


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