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Is anyone else experiencing issues with MIDI program changes to ext. instruments since S1 v5?

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asked May 14, 2021 in Studio One 5 by tomslowcat (3,610 points)

Since I upgraded to V5, I noticed the MIDI program change section in the Instrument Track's Inspector panel has slightly changed: the Bank MSB/LSB used to share one input field and you had to calculate the number to send which was a bit of a hassle. Now it's been changed to 2 different fields, one for MSB and the other for LSB, which is much more practical since MIDI implementation charts for external gear are often given in this format.

That's all good, however, I have noticed several of my synths are now acting weirdly when loading up Songs. For instance, my Roland XV-5080 loads the patches properly the first time round, but if I switch to another Song, it does not receive the new bank/program changes, and I have to manually go to the Inspector and update one of the pgm change fields for the synth to cope on. What's more, sometimes after loading the new song it will not play any note even though the MIDI channel is correct. I have to power-cycle the synth and all is working normally again.

My Matrix 1000 is acting even weirder. For some reason, after loading a Song with pgm change info in one of the instrument tracks, sending MIDI notes C2 to C4 will not play the synth but change its patch from 000 to 024! I looked up in the M1K manual and there is no mention of any special mode or hidden feature where MIDI notes would be used to change patches. The only workaround is to change the MIDI receive channel on the M1K and use that new channel to control the synth.

Since all these issues are happening since upgrading to v5 I am prone to believe whatever Presonus' programmers have done to update the Program change section of the Inspector must have messed something up. Going to open a support ticket but I'm confident this will be nearly impossible to troubleshoot as it's so random and MIDI/sysex data handling is still very limited in S1.

I'd like to know if anyone else has been experiencing some similar issues with their own external gear to at least know if I'm just being very unlucky or if there is potentially real issues there.

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answered Jun 9, 2022 by Raphael Jacober (270 points)

I have a similar problem after upgrading to Studio One I have an external device that sends program change events to Studio One as i cycle through the patches. Most of the time S1 correctly receives "Bank Select" and "Program Change" events, but some times only "Bank Select" is received. When this happens on selecting the next patch, two "Program Change" events are received: the old and the new one. This does not happen on my Intel Mac Book Pro, but on the new Apple Silicon (M1 Pro) Mac Book. Not sure if this is just by coincidence.

Anyone else?
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answered Jul 1, 2022 by chgraham (1,330 points)
Yes, I am seeing the same sort of spotty behaviour as Raphael.
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answered Aug 28 by roemerverheggen (160 points)
Yes, i noticed that my yamaha dgx keyboard, connected via midi din, does not react to changes in msb and lsb fields. When I look at the midi signals sent, indeed only channel followed by the program change are updated, followed by 00 where the bank info should be