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Presonus Hub - Not Responding - Windows 10 x64 - disabled antivirus, Studio One still works, but... ???

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asked Jun 8 in PreSonus Hub / Plugins by markhlousek (120 points)

frustrating, granted I did flash my BIOS last night etc so granted it could be something "atypical" - luckily. Studio One still works and I did the "laborious transfer" eg the new engine retro thingy's thru there...

but yeah, I tried all the usual ideas eg. disabled antivirus - and nada, it freezes on starting it up...

and just *sits there*



tried the "run as administrator" tricks,

uninstalled, reinstalled...

nada, zilcho...

no luck, hombre

does sit using 6% cpu in task manager tho, so it's caught in some sort of "process loop"

any help would be much appreciated - muchos gracias


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