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Better Staff Spacing in Notion for iOS

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asked Sep 12, 2020 in Notion by darrenerwin (120 points)
I’ve been running into a problem recently with scores of around 15 instruments with the staff spacing.

basically when I have pages where only a few instruments are playing there is always a large gap at the bottom of the page because the staff spacing apples to the the whole piece and doesn’t take into consideration the amount of music on a given page. This means if I adjust the staff spacing to remove this gap it means later on where there is more music on the staves this will add on top of the existing staff spacing and push the music off the page.

It should be the case that the margins control the placement of not only the top stave in terms of how close it is to the top edge of the page, but also the bottom stave, with the software using these staves as reference points to space the remaining staves in between. This means that on pages where there is only a few instruments playing there would not be the big imposing white space at the bottom.

As I am certain I am not the only person experiencing this issue it would be nice for it to be resolved.



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