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Show page setlist fade/crossfade added

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asked Jun 11, 2021 in Show Page by believersfellowship (240 points)
In short, please bring crossfades to the backing track player part of the show page! Bonus points for custom fade times and types (linear, exponential, etc). Super bonus points to bring crossfades to the instrument players for crazy sound design!

I'm using the Studio One Show page for live church services. While I've been pretty happy with all the options it provides (loving some subtle, real-time autotune), having smooth, (hopefully customizable) fade transitions between setlist items would be fantastic! It's one thing to fade a backing track down in the house, but the in-ear system will still hear the next setlist item change aburptly. Having just the backing tracks crossfade on click (perhaps following the already available options of 1 bar, 2 bars, etc) would allow us to have continuous sound instead of clearly defined song starts and ends.

Of course, having a good pad player would be better for multiple reasons, but not everyone has a giant volunteer base to pull from. Crossfades between setlist items would be really cool for warping instruments too but I imagine that would be crazy complicated to implement compared to relatively simple backing track crossfades.

For instance, fading options between the exact same elements in an FX chain theoretically shouldn't be too bad but what do you do if the chains are different? Is it possible to fade out an effect while simultaneously bringing in an entirely different effect? I'm not a programmer but that sounds hard to pull off well. Setting all currently available automations to zero while maintaining ratios to preserve tone while also bringing in new effects from zero to the desired and programmed levels on every instrument track seems like a gargantuan task.

I'd absolutely be happy with just backing track crossfades (and that's all I'm asking for) but one can dream, haha.

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answered Jul 15, 2021 by reynaldguibone2 (1,070 points)

They have it now in Studio One 5.3 version.

Both in song parts and item setlist.
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answered Oct 24, 2021 by juergenboehme (1,410 points)
edited Oct 24, 2021 by juergenboehme

I was also searching for this crossfade option. Useful would be a fade in option when I jump between setlist items which are not in direct sequence.

In version 5.4.1 I haven't found a crossfade or fade in option. If it was there in version 5.3, where do I have to look for it? What do I need to configure to be able to use this?


I found something named sync mode. The symbol in the title area might mean overlapping. Might it be this?

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answered Oct 24, 2021 by juergenboehme (1,410 points)
Checked it out, the activation of this setting does not overlap (crossover) setlist items (audio files) during play. How is this setting meant to be used and where would I find the crossfade option?