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Export chord track and lyrics track so that I can import it in a Show page

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asked Jan 24 in Show Page by richin aji (340 points)
I use the show page for all my live gigs for my cover band

but every time I'm creating a setlist

I'll have to open the main song project file which contains all the chord and lyrics in it

it is very hard to open up every song and transfer it to the show page each time to create a setlist.


an easy export of the chord track, lyrics track and everything to a file or something will be much easier

so that I can just drag in this file to my show page each time I have to create a setlist

long story short

linking the show page and song page is a good method but it'll be much better if show page is like a standalone page

so that I can import not only the backing tracks but also the lyrics and chord data which I already made in StudioOne without transfering from a song page to show page each time I need to create a new setlist.

hope you understood :)

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