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Studio One should add multi instrument functionality to the Show Page

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asked Sep 3, 2023 in Show Page by chriskenney (160 points)
In a normal session, if I combine virtual instruments (VI), I can set ranges using the splitter plugin of what keys will trigger each VI. This is an awesome feature and saves so much space/time when you know a part isn't going to make use of a full keyboard. It even has a nice drag and drop functionality with the 'combine instruments' feature.

For some reason, this doesn't appear to be the case on the show page. You simply can't adjust the range of what keys will be able to trigger a VI via software. I have tried using the splitter plugin in the show page and it doesn't have the multi instrument functionality anymore. It suddenly is only able to split plugins.

I believe S1 should add this functionality as it would make the show page useful as a performance tool. My music uses a lot of VI with specific presets for small moments, and currently I have 3 options to perform my music live using S1:

1. Have a separate session open for each song with each preset ready to go, which increases time between songs, increases the chance for user error, uses up more CPU, and makes backing tracks with IEMs more difficult to pull off.

2. Arrange the songs in a way that either require me to hire another musician to perform some of these parts or delegate these parts through other members of the band.

3.Cut the parts entirely that are not able to be performed.

If S1 in a future update gave the splitter plugin multi-instrument functionality like it has in a normal session, that would fix this problem. If for some reason this isn't possible because of the way the show page is designed, maybe a standalone feature that allows you to adjust a VI's 'range' inside each player preset would fix the problem, as you can play multiple presets with just one midi instrument at a time.

Hopefully this gets a good fix!

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answered Feb 26 by aaronyork2 (600 points)
In my opinion, the show page is halfway functional. It needs low latency monitoring (high z), the tempo track, and multi-instruments to really work in more complex live scenarios. Hopeful PreSonus' awesome team will implement these things sooner rather than later, as I love working in their software!