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Why will sphere not update my new card

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asked Jun 13, 2021 in Studio One+ by selvinventure (220 points)
I have been trying to update my card for the past few days since i dont use that card anymore. All that happens is it sits at add a card and thinks.  Then all i see is a bunch of the same address obviously from my attempts to add another card. Yall gonna make me go back to FL Studios. Obviously if my sphere sub is not paid you lock it off. I HAVE TRIED 4 DIFFERENT  browser and 3 different cards all have more than enough funds available.  This is really annoying. I even once tried to buy Studio One Artist and the **** thing won't accept my cards. Send a ticket with no response. I have projects that need to get completed and I will be very very vexated if yall cut it off when Im trying to make sure its paid

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