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Renew my Presonus Sphere is not possible after payment

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asked Apr 18, 2023 in Studio One+ by josegarca (140 points)
After a year of suscription I renew my Presonus Sphere account 4 days ago with a new credit card, the previous one expired. I recived the invoice and the receipt but when I login in my presonus account seems as I don´t have a sphere account. I can´t activate my products because said i don´t have a valid license purchased. I contacted 3 times in the support with any answer or solution. Is this the way Presonus treats its subscribers? Please look at your support tickets and try to give me a solution to this problem with your platform.

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answered Jun 1, 2023 by normchenard (140 points)
I'm having this problem now. After using Studio One via Sphere for 2 years, I suddenly can't open Studio One because it thinks I don't have a Sphere subscription. I've checked to make sure that my subscription payment was charged to my credit card--it was.

Support isn't responding to my ticket, so I've been unable to work for two days.

What can I do to launch and work in Studio One.
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answered Jun 12, 2023 by lacycrain (180 points)
I am having this same issue, and I can't get anyone to answer the phone, or respond to my ticket..  Has either of you had any luck at fixing this?
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answered Jun 13, 2023 by sergheiilin (140 points)
edited Jun 14, 2023 by sergheiilin
After contacting support I was asked to resubscribe.