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Why are my song templates "greyed out" in Finder and not accessible or visible when I open New Song > User?

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asked Jun 23, 2021 in Studio One 5 by rayhepworth (190 points)

Hi - I have tried to setup a few simple templates as well as downloading one of Joe Gilder's templates. I can find them in my folders but they are "greyed out" and are not visible or accessible when I attempt to use them via New Song > User. 

If anyone can help me sort this out I'd appreciate it. Probably a rookie question I know; I wasn't able to find any help searching the Support pages :( 


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answered Aug 18, 2021 by rragnini (150 points)

This is not an answer.

I do not know why, but I also lost access to all my Song Templates after the last upgrade to S1 ( I am using Mac Big Sur 11.5)

I made a new one (it took a while) and saved it no issues accessing that one.  I primarily only use one template, so if you use many, this will really be a pain.  This unexpected exercise gave me a chance to add a few new plug ins and a few other things I normally would tweak anyway (added VCAs, etc.).smiley