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Audio dropdown functions are greyed out when I select a sectio of an audio track.

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asked Nov 14, 2016 in Studio One 3 by andypeake (340 points)
I am new to Studio One but am up and running for the most part. I have years using Nuendo 3. In Studio One 3 Artist I want to use the "Audio" dropdown tools but when i use the selection tool to pick part of an audio track all of the items under "Audio" become greyed out. How do I affect the areas of audio I am selecting? I am used to using Normalize, Fade in, Fade out, Crossfades, Silence and other functions all the time in Nuendo. Do I have to upgrade to Producer or Professional versions to use these or is there another answer? Thanks.

I am using Windows 7 Professional, Studio One 3 Artist, 1818VSL, also M-audio Firewire 1814, firmware update 3 days ago.

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answered Nov 22, 2016 by chrishutton (290 points)
I've seen the same thing, and I'm on the full version of the software.  If you select the whole audio segment, that should be available for use.  If you want to, for instance, reduce or increase the gain on one slice of the audio segment, you have to split it and select the segment you split off.  If you click and drag across multiple segments in a track, those functions are grayed as they seem to be intended to use only on a full segment.  Hopefully you'll see what I mean when you check it out.  I'm new to S1 so not sure of the jargon yet (segments may not be the right term).