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LFO and Follower controls for parameters in Channel Editor

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asked Jun 26, 2021 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by angelangeles (1,560 points)
Channel editor is a very useful part of boxing in Studio One allowing one to control multiple parameters all at once with a few controls. The existing ones are great but there are a few improvements that needs to happen since it's been the same ever since.

1.) LFO
This one will supercharge all existing PreSonus plugins. If I could just map multiple parameters to an LFO and change their depth, that would be so cool.  It should have adjustable phase and multiple waveforms to choose from. An ability to draw one would also be superb.

2.) Envelopes
Same with LFO, this one should be an input follower. I dunno how you guys would implement it if ever but this can make the EQ more dynamic.

3.) Fine controls for curves
This is a problem I have when adjusting curves for parameters in the existing channel editor. It would be great if I can type in the values that I want instead of moving the mouse very carefully on a small box.

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