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LFO tool/Midi/audio to automation (Ableton has lfo tool, FL has Peak controller, logic has modulator)

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asked May 24, 2020 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by nicolasnilsen (330 points)
We need some sort of plugin that will let us assign any knob to a modulator that can follow midi/LFO or sidechained audio. Uses: For automating dry/wet signal of a reverb that can follow chord/melody/kick etc and make groove in your track. Ducking volume automation sidechained to kick. I can go on and on, possibiltys are endless.  Alot of daws has this future and i love studio one but this is a huge bummer that we dont have this implemented already. Its a saying for fl studio "Peak controller is love, Peak controller is life!" And thats for a reason! Make it happend guys, show the world that S1 is the best daw in the world, I have good faith in you guys, Keep it up!

Kind Regards, Nicolas

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answered Oct 28, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (255,350 points)
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answered May 25, 2020 by felixgrenzemann (840 points)
Reason also has an LFO. ;)

I like and is so simple workflow for automation etc. Please Vote!
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answered Jul 1, 2020 by kurtismcloughlin1 (1,020 points)
I'm with you on this! Also, being able to have the sidechain input source, the same track. For ducking reverb when the synth is triggered. This is doable via sends but you can't freeze that reverb then. Have 5 or 6 of these going on send and it can gobble your cpu like crazy!
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answered Jul 13, 2020 by markrowe1 (460 points)
I don't have any skin in this game, but just mentioning this in case it helps anyone else looking to replicate this functionality in Studio One.

Obviously it's a massive shame this feature isn't available within Studio One. I missed it so much from M4L in Ableton 10 Suite and built in to Bitwig that I bought HY-MPS2 from HY-Plugins and it means you can add that functionality in Studio One. It throws in a note sequencer(s) too, but the main attraction to me was each instance can run up to 4 separate LFOs of various types working across MIDI CCs, pitch bend, modulation etc. A LFO step sequencer option means it can also function like Audiaire Zone/Zenith with a particular repeating step pattern passing set values to the CCs etc.

Hope this helps until PreSonus bake this functionality in.
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answered Oct 26, 2020 by marvingerdes (310 points)

I have found a workaround using LFOTool and a MIDI Loopback to control VST parameters from plugins that dont have MIDI learn functionality.

Made a tutorial video on youtube. Thought it might help someone.

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answered Feb 16, 2021 by -Nifty- (190 points)
I would love to see something similar to the lfo tool implemented into S1. As others have said, this is bread & butter in most DAW's and would save me & others having to either shell out for lfo tool or manually draw automation in, which even then wont have the same desired effect.

Fingers crossed you are able to add something in the not to distant future.
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answered Jun 27, 2021 by mobe1 (960 points)
Yes please add !!
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answered Dec 13, 2021 by radimkolar (900 points)
Envelope generator with tempo  / MIDI / gate trigger would be great to accompany LFO. Might be done into same plugin switchable between these modes. For EDM it is necessary and it’s not difficult to add.
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answered Sep 16, 2022 by helmuthanning (170 points)
This time I'm using DISTRHO/CardinalFX as Insert and the modules ShapeMaster from MindMeld and Cardinal Host MIDI CC.

This works for me similar and very flexible.

But it would be really nice having a dedicated S1 FX Plugin doing this.
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answered Jan 14 by williamdeboer (170 points)
This is huge for me, Presonus!  

I would love to be able to map this to any parameter on a vst or channel.

There are a lot of YouTubers, especially those doing EDM, that I watch to develop my skills and learn new techniques, that use Ableton and use their stock lfo tool. It’s usually at that point that I can’t follow along.

If I can make an automation lane for it, I should be able to use x-term to do the automation.

thank you for listening.
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answered Feb 23 by jastrzebowski.alex (200 points)
edited Feb 23 by jastrzebowski.alex
i was so disapointed when i noticed Studio One don't have lfo MIDI modulation, after 7 years of working in Ableton and 3 years in Logic Pro i really cant accept this a Studio One dont have it, if you will add this function, i will  buy your DAW.. this function is so necessery to faster way get movement in sound.