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Modulator Tools - Envelope Tool / LFO Tool / Amplitude Envelope Tool - Assignable to any parameter

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asked Jan 26 in Studio One 5 by rowanneate (440 points)
We need these basic tools that can be assigned to any parameter on VST instruments and plugins and outboard instruments. For electronic music producers and sound designers this is key. These types of tools exist within Ableton and I'm surprised we still don't have this functionality.

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answered Jan 26 by famuyiwasegun (2,100 points)
This is an nice request. Seriously am a big lover of presonus, many of my studio equipment are there products and I use Studio One and loved it. But i personally think Presonus should not depend on votes again in other to put a new features into Studio One, but rather think of how important most of these feature will benefit user's.  Waiting for vote's to do something is no more working because many people do not understand the meaning of most post but want the feature.