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Spatial Audio / Surround Sound Support. This is long overdue!

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asked Jun 26, 2021 in Mixing by angelangeles (1,860 points)
With the latest update of Apple Music, this has become more relevant. Me and my friends are being pressured to use other DAWs because S1 does not support surround sound mixing and our projects require them now.  It would also be great if PreSonus can get official Dolby support.

S1 team, if you want to stay afloat please do this. THIS IS AN URGENT FEATURE REQUEST.  Please make this happen. I'm being forced to use clunky Reaper!

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answered Jul 7, 2021 by bryanwilson5 (2,670 points)
+1 here as well as we want to use S1 as our main DAW for film/TV music scoring and mixing.
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answered Aug 30, 2021 by mariopy (1,620 points)
Is much needed, i actually dont understand how In 2021 SO Still dont have it, almost every major DAW have it now
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answered Sep 13, 2021 by bryanwilson5 (2,670 points)

Asking PreSonus for 5.1/7.1 isn't JUST a Film or Video request. I have purchased several remastered reissue sets from The Beatles, John Lennon, Tom Petty, etc., that ALL include a 24 bit 5.1 Audio Mix. This seems to be very standard in music now. PLEASE add this feature even as a PreSonus Plug-in.

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answered Oct 12, 2021 by trevormeyer (270 points)
This is a MUST for Studio One to remain relevant as a DAW. So many artists are asking for 5.1 mixes and for film and television it is a must have feature. Seriously considering ditching Studio One for a 5.1 capable DAW.
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answered Nov 15, 2021 by antg1 (720 points)
In speaking with Waves Sales and Support today 11-15-21 due to their humongous sale, the DTS Neural Surround Collection, Abbey Road Studio 3, NX Mix Room and all of the other Surround Sound products are not compatible with Studio One version 5. When I asked for a list of host applications I was informed: Reaper, ProTools, Cubase, LogicPro and several others but not Studio One. It seems all of my work is held hostage at 2.0 sound at least currently or do a stem export into Reaper or I'll have to Upmix from 2.0 to 5.1 by using Reaper with the above plugins. All clunky alternatives.
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answered Jun 18, 2022 by domenicturillo (470 points)
Here it is June 2022 and still know update or upgrade from PreSonus. Spatial Audio, surround sound is a must for Studio One 5. I love the fact that you can Mix and Master within studio one, this is the only Daw that has this feature. I do have Logic Pro X and have used their surround features. Being a long time user of studio one 5, I may have to make Logic Pro X my main DAW.  I don't see any reason for PreSonus not adding this feature to Studio One 5 either as an update or upgrade. That being said Please add surround sound in a update or upgrade soon!
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answered Sep 22, 2022 by roquemix (910 points)
Please allow full compatibility and usability with sound cards that are Dolby Atmos and 7.1 ready. Allow unlimited routing for all kinds of tasks in the studio. That the limit is the sound interfaces, not the software.