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WHEN are you going to include surround sound mixing??

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asked Dec 21, 2021 in Mixing by alexanderhutchings (820 points)
I know this question has already been asked, but I feel like there needs to be some pressure put on the developers. I purchased sphere recently and just assumed surround mixing was part of the package, but now I have to mix anything of importance on other DAWs. EVERYONE wants / needs SS and I see inquiries from 2019 about this. I really don't want to switch back over to Logic because I've already fallen in love with Studio One and don't want to use any other DAW. </3 It's like spending a month with really hot girl who seems awesome in every way, but then discovering you're not compatible and breaking up just to go back to your ex who doesn't excite you at all, but at least you have stuff in common. S1, you're the hot chick!

All we want is some kind of acknowledgement that the devs are at least working on it, and ideally a time frame. This is my and many others #1 issue with S1. PLEASE!!

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answered Dec 21, 2021 by bryanwilson5 (2,670 points)
I have asked this exact question several times along with MANY PreSonus S1 users. It's not just for Film/TV scoring. There are tons of new 5.1 and 7.1 Surround mixes being done on so many audio reissues including The Beatles, Tom Petty, etc. PLEASE PreSonus, just add this feature and you will see even more people jumping to Studio One.
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answered Jan 1, 2022 by arminb (810 points)
Yes, please!
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answered Feb 18, 2022 by samgeorge8 (160 points)
Hi I had the same issue I guess. Finally found the solution. I use a studio 1810c interface and had trouble routing it to 5.1. Finally found the solution to it. All u have to do is bypass the mixer in universal control and the outs are not linked anymore . Hope I help someone out
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answered Sep 22, 2022 by roquemix (910 points)
Please allow full compatibility and usability with sound cards that are Dolby Atmos and 7.1 ready. Allow unlimited routing for all kinds of tasks in the studio. That the limit is the sound interfaces, not the software.