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PreSonus Studio 1824c, 5.1 Surround in Windows?

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asked Mar 2, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by jaredhoy (250 points)
I'd love to use my Studio 1824c as an interface for 5.1 surround within the windows environment - yes it works in my DAW but not for playback outside of it. I'd like to use it for client watchdown/screening as well as the occasional gaming environment. Every output appears individually within the device manager so I cannot select it as a default playback, the way one could on an a ********* interface. Is there a setting inside Universal Control that I'm missing?

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answered Mar 2, 2020 by AlexTinsley (924,650 points)
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Outside of 2 channel playback, what you're looking for won't be possible with a consumer media player application.

What you're looking for is a Dolby 5.1 or DTS 6.1 codec that will support playing audio out of multiple pairs using WDM Drivers. These codecs are available from companies like CyberLink can be loaded into a software based DVD Player that can decode the encoded surround signal from an MKV file or DVD disc in the drive.

PreSonus does not support, nor has tested or qualified any of these codec's with these players with any of our multi-channel audio interfaces for home theater surround playback. Universal Control does not have any way of managing LFE channels.

Be sure to contact the Media Software playback companies about device compatibility before buying.
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answered Aug 30, 2021 by karimmariscal (270 points)
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How did you managed to get 5.1 out of the DAW ?   I can't playback a 5.1 session from protools... it only plays stereo audio on each pair of channels...

Why would someone make an interface with 8 analog outputs that can not be use individually ... just as pairs... come on if I wanted the same signal on each par of outputs I can just buy a splitter.... If  I wanted 8 outputs was for sending 5.1 or 7.1 signals... come on Presonus...please
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answered Sep 14 by paulpalynchuk (140 points)
Not that this really helps you....

But it IS natively supported in OSX.  

You could try something that creates a virtual sound card out of your physical cards.  Does sound flower work on windows?