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BUG Report: VCA implementation broken

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asked Jun 27, 2021 in Studio One 5 by fransvannispen (5,700 points)
The VCA implementation is not working as expected. I'm having a very hard time setting up a kinda basic mix template that works fine in for example Protools.

I'm routing channels to combined busses for drum, bass, instruments, vocal, backing vocals and effects.

The bussed are routed to combined bussed for the groups. Then I want to use VCA's to quickly mute/solo the vocals, backing vocals or music so I can print the instrumental, acapella and an instrumental with backing vocals.

Solo a bus works, it pust the grouped busses in solo. Mutes does not work, it keeps the sends on the tracks open.

Mute on the VCAs works, but after a solo on the VCA's and unsolo, all the none effected channels for the soloed VCA stay muted. Every time after I solo the VCA. If I put only the end busses on the VCA's, the send on the channels that should be muted are still sending.

So not way, other than moving in and solo every source bus, is working to get an instrumental without vocal bleed into the music, or vocal bleed into the instrumental.

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answered Jul 6, 2021 by OneFingerSnap (2,240 points)
Hi. What’s associated with your VCA’s, the bus tracks, the bus source tracks or both?

Also, could you have solo safe enabled in some channels by mistake?
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answered Jul 7, 2021 by fransvannispen (5,700 points)
I had the busses and channels associated. I now changed it to only the channels that feed the busses, that seems to resolve it.