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Noticeable latency from Quantum 2 Interface when Realtime Monitoring is on

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asked Jun 27, 2021 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by aifuding (1,960 points)

 This problem occurs in my laptop(Dell Inspiron 7000, intel i7-9750H with native Thunderbolt 3 interface, Window 10 20H2, Universal Control is the newest version).

When I turn on the real-time monitoring in Studio  One Pro 5.2.1 which is the latest version, there is a noticeable latency from in to out, even if the Buffer size is the smallest(maybe 6 or 8 samples). That's crazy because when I use it in the same way in Studio One Pro 4.6(the latest version of S1 4), it works normally.

I don't hope that I should use the 4th version of S1 when I record sounds with Quantum 2. So why this problem occurs?

My PC(Windows 10 20H2, too. Intel Core i7-10700K)  works normally as well.

By the way, can I monitor the recording sounds without latency, such as "Hardware(Directly) Monitoring" in other interfaces? When I using some VST plugins with noticeable latency, I cannot focus on what I'm recording but on the sound delay.

Thank you.

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