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Quantum main monitoring

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asked May 9, 2022 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by arikeskinen (130 points)
I have PT 2020 and Mac pro 2013 (os x 10.15.7) with two Personus interface - Quantum and Quantum 4848. I am trying to get all channels (PT limit 32 ch, I think) to have monitored through Quantum main monitor path.  I have tryed different Pro Tools aggregate i/o:s, but no help. I have tryed Quantum as a master and 4848 "slave" and opposite. In general  is it possible to get all 32 channels to monitored that way, if how? When I tryed Quantum as main interface(88.2 Hz) and 4848 "slave" I can get 8 Quantums and 12 Quantum 4848 input channels (in total 20 ch) monitored through Quantum monitor path. What kind of settings I have to configure to get all the channels monitored? Or is possible anyhow?

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