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Studio 192/ Quantum monitor control remote.

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asked Nov 5, 2019 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by markeysemundy (960 points)
Exploring more of Studio One, the UC Control software, and my Studio 192 gave me an idea while planning new parts of my studio setup.

It would be nice to add on a hardware controller that can connect up to USB that can expand on the monitoring system that is already included on the interface. A Hybrid Central Station of sorts that combines the best of the Monitor Station as well as a hardware controller for UC Surface.

On one side of the coin, this would act as a hardware control that will connect to USB, and integrate into the UC Control software. Talkback, Mute, Mono, Volume, Monitor selection, headphone sends, input selection, etc.

On the other side, I thought that this could work good as adding some A/D, D/A functionality to it and add like a two by six audio interface. Since it is connected to the USB already, you can pass audio thru and use this as a interface/sound card, add a couple of other inputs, which in turn will also free up I/O on the Studio 192/Quantum for additional routing, while connecting your studio monitors to something else. Or even just additional inputs and outputs.

And the best of all, this would sit on top of the desk like the Monitor Station for easy access.

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