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Eris E4.5 Headphone Output is Very Low

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asked Jun 30, 2021 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by howardhoffman (120 points)
I need to alternate between active monitoring and using headphones for my voiceover studio work. Plugging headphones into the E4.5 is VERY VERY low, and turning the volume all the way up is just nearly audible.

The monitors are brand new so I can see how this is going to be a real problem when I forget to lower the volume when I unplug. So here's my big question:

I've been using Beyer DT770 PRO headphones, 80 ohms. Is this the right match for the E4.5s, or do I need something different? There's no spec for the headphone output in any manual.


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answered Feb 16, 2022 by richcresswell1 (3,210 points)
You may need to use something around 30ohms generally the higher the ohms the more they will need driving.

Check with some inexpensive headphones or buds you may have around the house.