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No Acoustic Space switch with Eris 4.5 Studio Monitors?

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asked May 19, 2020 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by peterfong (120 points)

I just purchased a set of Eris 4.5 studio monitors. On all the reviews I read and in pictures of the product, on the back of the speakers are an Acoustic Space switch that you can set in response to the layout of your room.  When I looked at the back of the speakers, it was not there, just two knobs that allow you to adjust Highs and Lows by 6dB! Why is there not an Acoustic Space switch and can I adjust the 2 knobs to get the same effect as the Acoustic Space switch? I'm asking because my speakers are  quite close to the wall (about 5 inches away) so I'm worried about having bass build-up and therefore not giving me accurate monitoring.


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answered Jun 27, 2020 by jamessamson1 (190 points)
I am interested in buying the Eris E4.5 but as I was doing my window shopping, I noticed that some pictures of the back of the speakers from some sellers had an acoustic space switch as well as a low cut switch while other seller's pics don't. I've been asking around the internet if perhaps there are 2  models of the Eris E4.5?
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answered Oct 18, 2020 by radumihai (140 points)
Seems you actually have a newer, better version of the E4.5.

For sure you can get the same effect by using the low frequency knob. The switch used to do just that, more coarsely.

As mentioned at the end of page 4 here: