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Drag and drop midi events in show files

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asked Jun 30, 2021 in Show Page by dark7string (1,180 points)
In Church, we use propresenter slides that we have cued by Studio One after switching from Ableton. However we can't use the show page at all because when trying to add the midi cues, it creates a song page and wants to apply general midi.

Propresenter slides work by the Note defining Slide, Playlist, or Clear all, or some other function. Then the Velocity determines the Slide number or playlist number


C -2 = Clear all

F#-1/velocity 1% = Playlist 1

G-1/velocity 1% = Slide 1 (in current playlist)

G-1/velocity 2% = Slide 2

G-1/velocity 2.5% = Slide 3 and so forth.......

I have these midi cues pre made so that I can drag them into the correct locations and perfectly trigger the slide, however non of this is possible in the show mode. It can only be done in song.

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