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Why does Notion 6 Lag so much on my 2020 Macbook?

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asked Jul 9, 2021 in Notion by jackyliu1 (120 points)
Once I place a note, the app just lags unbearably, the cursor is moving at like 2fps, the sound is lagging and everything is not usable. My laptop is the new M1 Macbook air running on rosetta stone.

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answered Dec 2, 2021 by markcameron1 (440 points)
I have the same problem on my M1 as well as on my old Mac running Catalina. I have tried to reinstall Notion and all the usual MAC things like resetting pram ( not able to on M1 ) etc. Also my playback video seems to lag behind the playback audio. Did you find a solution ?

Thanks Mark
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answered Feb 3, 2022 by theodoresladovichjr (730 points)
Same issue as Mark on my M1. Tried the same fixes as mark and problem came back.

One caveat: after uninstalling and reinstalling Notion 6, Vienna Special Edition and Vienna Instruments Pro, same problem. HOWEVER, I uninstalled all Vienna products and used Notion sounds only and the problem disappeared. Must be an issue with Notion communicating with Vienna?