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Exporting mix to wav creates a record scratch sound on wav playback at the beginning where start marker set.

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asked Jul 11, 2021 in Studio One 5 by ericpereira3 (120 points)
edited Jul 11, 2021 by ericpereira3


I have a song that when exporting mix to a wav, the play back is creating what I can only describe as a scratch sound at the beginning of the song. Other songs with less data are not doing this. This song is larger than the others with 12 individual tracks and several input effects on the tracks. All songs are exported the following way: 

-Starter markers set at beginning and ending of tracks

-exporting as wav file

-Res: 16 bit, Sample rate 44.1 kHz (tried other settings and either still does it or doesn't playback at all)

-Export range: Between song start/end marker

-Out main with write tempo to audio files and close after export checked.

I'm not sure what settings I need to change to get this larger file with bigger data not to do it, but I am using PRO and there is no reason a 12 track mix down with a variety of input fx should export in such a way.

Working on PC

Please help!


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