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S1 5.3 keeps scrolling to the start of the song.

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asked Jul 19, 2021 in Studio One 5 by chaostar (120 points)
Hello guys,

Some weird stuff going on here.. S1 5.3 just keeps scroling to the start of the song. It keeps doing it also with keybord and mouse

unplugged! I tried another set of mouse and keybord. I tried various apps to see if both mouse and keybords have maybe some stacked key or mouse wheel jammed. Nothing. All other function in Windows 10 work properly. Also tried in different usb ports.

I unplugged my Arturia MiniLab and RME BabyFace pro + ARC usb remote. Nothing. With all things unplugged on all my projects

it keeps scrolling to start. I didn't make any hardware change or driver updates etc.

Thanx, Achilleas

1 Answer

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answered Jul 21, 2021 by angelangeles (1,560 points)
When does it happen? Does it happen if you scroll a little bit? It just goes back to the start all the time even while playing the song?