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Changing MIDI channel in a project with previously automated program changes causes crash.

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asked Jan 8, 2023 in Studio One 6 by ferenczimrton (120 points)
I use studio one 5 for live acts with AXE FX and Quad Cortex. For the current year I started to create a live project with midi automation for two devices and the two midi transmitter cables are happend to be the same so S1 can not make a difference between them - this is not a problem I can live with it. To avoid this issue I changed one device to send midi on channel 2 instead of 1 as it the separation of the two device is resolvable. As I changed the external instrument settings to send midi information on channel 2 my S1 crashed and on the automation track I have to redo my settings, because S1 can not see the Program Change and Bank Change as an existing one.

This is the log:

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