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Faderport classic buttons' led not working in Studio One 5.3

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asked Jul 21, 2021 in FaderPort Classic by carlogonella (120 points)
In the studio I work for, they have Studio One Professional 5.3, updated from 5.0.1.
I do not own the software, I only use it.
The last 2 days of working with 5.0.1 and even after updating, the LEDs on the faderport classic are working no more.
I don't use external power as I don't need fader motor.
The faderport worked perfectly before this "crash".

When I plug USB in the faderport, the WRITE button is red.
I can only press REC (red), OFF (red), SHIFT (red).
Nothing happens unless I press WRITE, then everything turns off.

I start Studio One, the functionalities are perfectly working, but led are no more on.

If I go to Song> Song Setup and I click on " reconnect ", the faderport lights up the buttons actually in use ( ie if I'm playing a song, the green PLAY button lights up ). And all the buttons stay on until I do another " Reconnect "

On other DAW we use in Studio :

- Cubase 10.5
- Mixbus 32c 6.2

All the buttons work and light up correctly.

Thank you for any kind of help with that.

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