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How do I best use the MIDI monitor on the Studio One UI?

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asked Jul 20, 2021 in Studio One 3 by timcollins2 (180 points)
I'm learning Studio One finally after buying a license for version 3 some years ago. Please let me know if I need an upgrade to get better use from the MIDI Monitor feature.

I an working through a tutorial on MIDI and I bought a Launchkey 37 and I think I it is working.

Here is the beginner question.  There is some chatter going on between the MIDI keyboard and Studio one:
90 00 00  OUT
90 00 7F  IN

This repeats every second or so and is very regular. I assume there is some sort of "hi, how are ya" check, or maybe some control knob that is followed. Any ideas what this is?

The display scrolls so fast that it is impossible to actually read anything. Is there a "scroll lock" on the UI? I couldn't find it. Or a way to save the log. I could not even select and copy to the paste buffer. Without these the UI is quite pointless in my opinion. Surely I must have missed something.

I have to say that the constant orange blinking light on the UI is turning out to be a bigger distraction that I first thought.  The color "orange" is used to indicate "problem that requires immediate attention" and this is clearly not true. The constant blinking is triggering my motion detection response in my eyes. I can't ignore it no matter how I try. All for a display that appears to be without any particular utility. Can I get rid of it from the main UI?  Is there a way to get rid of the flashing? Or at least change it to an extremely faint grey color?

I guess I could just unplug my keyboard when I am not using it, but this doesn't seem right.

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