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Midi In UI blinking but Midi Monitor not showing messages

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asked Aug 16, 2016 in Studio One 3 by dsmacleod (170 points)

I have a midi controller  (MPK Mini) and a midi keyboard that I created called Clavinova. The midi controller is connected to a powered USB hub.  My Audio Box USB is also connected to the same powered USB hub.  The Clavinova is connected to the MIDI in and out on my AudioBox USB.  From both external midi devices I see the MIDI in UI light up when I press a key on either the controller or the keyboard but no message in the MIDI monitor.  I just upgraded from an older AudioBox USB driver to the Universal Controller.  

I have seen messages from both in the MIDI monitor prior to the driver upgrade and when both controllers were plugged directly into USB ports on my Dell desktop.

Why do you think I no longer see the messages in the MIDI monitor?

Studio One Artist v3.2.3.38191

Windows 10

3 Answers

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answered Aug 17, 2016 by niles (54,190 points)
No activity at all or just no messages? In case it's the last one the MIDI monitor's Received filter might be on?
Do the Instrument tracks receive data from the external controllers?
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answered Aug 17, 2016 by dsmacleod (170 points)
Just no messages in the MIDI monitor.and yes the data is received from the external controllers.

It was the Received filter. Thanks. It's working now.
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answered Aug 17, 2016 by niles (54,190 points)

Glad it's sorted yes