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Set & forget MIDI Editor vertical zoom

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asked Jul 21, 2021 in MIDI Editing by sdinoia (1,030 points)
I want the option to lock the midi editor to my desired vertical zoom level, no matter what event i want to edit.

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answered May 19, 2022 by TonalDynamics (1,350 points)
Yes please. I am changing my zoom level in Editor HUNDREDS of times per day programming MIDI.

This feature would save loads of time!
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answered Apr 1, 2023 by akifumikawaguchi (1,500 points)
It would be great to be able to save default values for height and width zoom levels.

Once I adjusted the zoom, the adjusted zoom values would be carried over to newly created instrument tracks and events.

I decided to create an adjusted template. I created a Template that I use all the time and The Empty : - )
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answered Jun 30, 2023 by (2,860 points)
edited Jun 30, 2023 by

You’ve got my vote! MIDI functions are really lagging behind audio functions in Studio One. As we know, MIDI is actually music in it's most basic form. MIDI is intended to be used to communicate ALL the intricacies of live instrumentation in digital form. So, whether we're talking about related functions from zoom to automation or anything else, we should at least be able to do the same thing with MIDI that we can do with audio! So, I’ve also got a feature request that I need your vote on:

My request is designed to simplify the process of editing the notation used for VST instrument arrangements. Once implemented, there would be no need for manual splitting of MIDI events or note-by-note muting of MIDI notation on the piano roll. This feature is especially handy for repetitive music like EDM, rap, and other electronica, but can be used in any genre where VST instruments are used.

Instead of being limited to manually splitting MIDI events and/or having to go into the piano roll of each individual instrument track to edit MIDI notation, users will have the additional option to automate the “MIDI Mute” Button that already exists on each VST Instrument Track:

I put together a short video of me attempting to mimic what the process would look like in real time. Please share the above short and simple video with anyone else you know that would like to get Studio One to work faster and better. Bear in mind, we are all currently unable to recall or save ANY of the MIDI Mute button activity shown in this example…because the “MIDI Mute” button is currently not automatable for whatever reason:

After watching this video, think about how much time it would save to be able to automate “MIDI Mute” compared to having to manually split and mute MIDI events and/or notation from the piano roll to accomplish this same task! Even if you don’t see yourself using this feature, it deserves your vote by virtue of it being a button in a DAW that can’t be automated!?! This is a DAW… all buttons should be automatable, right!?!

The first part of the video also highlights the audible difference between “MIDI Mute” and “Audio Mute”, as the two parameters serve entirely different functions. “MIDI Mute” controls the reading of VST Instrument notation, while “Audio Mute” is effectively a sound man, turning your microphone on and off.

In summary, the current workflow of having to manually split and mute MIDI events parts and/or notation just doesn’t feel natural and takes forever. Having the option to automate the VST Instrument Track “MIDI Mute” button to bring different parts in and out in one take on-the-fly for multiple instrument parts simultaneously will not only be more intuitive, it will also be an exponential time saver!

Add your vote for this exponentially time saving feature on the Presonus feature request page: