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Set & forget MIDI Editor vertical zoom

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asked Jul 21, 2021 in MIDI Editing by sdinoia (1,010 points)
I want the option to lock the midi editor to my desired vertical zoom level, no matter what event i want to edit.

2 Answers

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answered May 19, 2022 by TonalDynamics (1,050 points)
Yes please. I am changing my zoom level in Editor HUNDREDS of times per day programming MIDI.

This feature would save loads of time!
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answered Apr 1 by akifumikawaguchi (740 points)
It would be great to be able to save default values for height and width zoom levels.

Once I adjusted the zoom, the adjusted zoom values would be carried over to newly created instrument tracks and events.

I decided to create an adjusted template. I created a Template that I use all the time and The Empty : - )