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Metal music template

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asked Jul 26 in Recording by klguitarist (140 points)
Looking to find template that fits better for 2 guitars and bass and drums, keys, and vocals... Superior drummer 3 ect... something that makes life easier everytime i try to mix and record a song... sub groups and bus and effects etc.

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answered Oct 7 by michaelsesterhenn (290 points)
It's pretty easy to whip up something that works as a template for any scenario, and then use the File / Save to New Folder to create a new Song based on that when you're ready to record.  I generally have "starter.Song" loaded at first with a few common VSTs I use like drums, bass, guitar, and piano.  Before I start recording, I do the Save to New Folder trick and give it a new name like "2021-10-07-session", then later rename it to something more meaningful.  If you forget to save first - you can always do it later; you just might have to clean up your template project if you saved some midi or audio there first.

I think there's a way to do actual project templates but I seem to remember them not offering much benefit over the above method.  Maybe someone here knows better...