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PereSonus Sphere Must Needs

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asked Feb 20, 2022 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by rionquiroz1 (4,270 points)
edited Feb 20, 2022 by rionquiroz1
I really cant stress this enough PreSonus is truly an amazing daw and company but is missing a few very very important features.

1. integrated Rx ARA support its actually kinda mind blowing that studio one still has yet to do this while pro tools logic and many other Daws have support please PreSonus look into getting support i cant even think of how many times i've had to switch to pro tools just to clean up a session apon opening rx connect in PreSonus you get a message saying host not supported.

2. Please add some kind of clip gain line off feature like pro tools has i really don't know one person that wants to see there clip gain lines when mixing it tends to make the mix seem cluttered and keeps people constantly bouncing which is a terrible workaround.

3. Studio ones Strip Silence i honestly like this feature its just missing a huge huge feature which is being able to see grid lines of what your strip silencing, pro tools strip silence works wonders when your able to actually dictate and see where your clip starts and when the clip ends its gonna be rather hard guessing and just hoping you dialed in the right settings for studio ones strip silence its just not ok to work blind like this please fix this.

4. last but not least it would be really cool to see Studio one implement some kind of bpm counter like logic has for people and kids newer to music and understanding the depth behind it, it could easily give kids a faster work around when working with beats and other stuff

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answered Jun 21, 2022 by GTRtice (2,430 points)

"I really cant stress this enough PreSonus is truly an amazing daw and company"

I FULLY agree.

However, I have to comment to let you know that posts with multiple feature requests ultimately tend to be ignored. You'll want to post each of your 4 ideas as individual requests. Also, your ideas seem to involve Studio One more than Sphere, so post them under "Studio One Feature Requests" and you're likely to get more traction on them. I'll certainly vote for all four of these ideas! The voting system here has a really flawed approach but it's what we have right now.