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Create a New Song from Template, when Studio One starts [with an example]

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asked Oct 29, 2022 in Look and Feel by alexbulgakov (5,080 points)

NO, "Open Default Song/Project/Show" is not the same thing! It's not a NEW song/project/show.

We can't start a song from this, because all changes will be saved in "" file. Instead, I want to create a new song from selected template. This will reduce the number of unnecessary mouse clicks (from 4-5 to just one) to start playing on the instrument or producing/mixing.

This is something that will REALLY speed up the workflow around all Studio One users.

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answered Jan 15 by akifumikawaguchi (1,390 points)
I always create from the same template. I don't use the template selection behavior. So I want the template to be open when I start it up. And it must be a new project file, not

If I overwrite, the next time I start up, there will be a lot of clutter and garbage lying around. Should I save it from Save As as a new project? I just want to close Daw when I'm done playing. I don't want to organize anything. Am I selfish? Maybe I don't have to do things that I don't have to do.

This is a big step towards making Studio one a musical instrument. It can free us from the fatigue of making non-musical decisions before we even start making music.

Even if this feature was not added, I would continue to use Studio one. After trying various other Daws, I ended up using Studio one. However, not having this feature will probably make me and anyone else make a little less music. Someone else... there are many people who have never realized that this is an inconvenience. maybe

Please consider this feature request again. My favorite Limited government-like Daw software can now be taken to even greater heights.
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answered Jan 19 by akifumikawaguchi (1,390 points)

I find myself using the Start screen quite often. When I open Studio One, I want the Start screen to open with "When Studio One starts > Do nothing"

I've been trying out "When Studio One starts > Create New Song" for the past few days. I ended up with a lot of empty projects in my Song folder...this was an unexpected occurrence.

I use the Start screen when opening a project I was working on until yesterday. A New Song is created as soon as I open the Daw. New Songs will accumulate in my Song folder.

As an alternative, I think it would be nice if a new Song could be created using the Template when a Template file is opened. Then I put a shortcut to the Template file on my desktop. When I open the Template file shortcut, I get the same result as if I had started Daw > New Song > Select Template.
(Reference image: For some reason, when I open Presonus Answer on the PC, the dialog does not appear even if I press the button in the image, so I apologize for replacing it with a link.)

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answered Feb 2 by akifumikawaguchi (1,390 points)
There are similar points in the comments on Youtube.
Mentioned by @Kolificent and @xNTFXx