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How do I keyboard navigate out of the Arranger mode back to my track?

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asked Jul 27, 2021 in Studio One 5 by simonsmith12 (220 points)

I like full keyboard navigation, but I'm stuck with one issue:

Say I'm keyboard navigating/editing events within a track. If I use Shift+N/Shift+B to move the play cursor to the next/previous marker, my navigation focus says on the track. All is good.

Now I've mapped "Arranger/Goto Next Section" and "Arranger/Goto Prev Section" to the ">" and "<" keys on my keyboard, so I can use them to move the play cursor around an arrangement like I did above with markers. The problem is when I do this the navigation focus moves away from my track to the Arranger box in the upper left corner. Now I'm stuck in the arranger section and can't get back to navigating my track from the keyboard and have to go to the mouse to click on my track.

Why doesn't arranger navigation act like marker navigation? Also I should be able to hit Tab or something to jump the navigation highlight back to Tracks.

Any insight would be helpful. Thanks

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