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Arranger Track

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asked Sep 11, 2022 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by reecep (1,450 points)
I just thought of this feature because I spent extra time I didn't need to on the arranger track. Basically, Studio One should allow you to store custom arranger track names/titles, so you can just auto-select them in a dropdown menu style fashion. So basically a way of using your already used names e.g. "Verse", "Chorus", "Bridge", "Hook", "Break". If studio one could somehow store this along with the chosen colour then it would make it a lot faster and more consistent and this should be something relatively easy to implement.

Or even better, if you could just click on the arranger tab at the top and then a dropdown menu appears with all options e.g. "Hook," Bridge", "Chorus", "Verse", etc, you choose which one you want and then it will ask you over how long eg. 2 bars, 4 bars, 8 bars, 16 bars etc and would autofill it with the correct colour and name. A simple feature, Presonus please do this!

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