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Cutting/Slipping in Pattern Mode

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asked Aug 6, 2021 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by Fornicras (2,070 points)

Here's a graphic of my request:

I hope it explains it clearly. No matter where you cut it or how many times you cut, the pattern always starts from the beginning.

For the record, I thought the slip tool could do this but it doesn't work for patterns. 

Right now there is two unnecessary way to do this:

1. Convert pattern to instrument part, cut it where you want it, and convert it back to a pattern.

2. Create a new variation and manually program the drums just as same as where you wanted the cut from.

Maybe a feature like "create a variation from selected" might work, or you can make a tickbox for the pattern to start over when it's split/cut. Or better, both.

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