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Data Zoom Per Track Basis

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asked Aug 6, 2021 in Look and Feel by Fornicras (2,070 points)
I think Data Zoom is a great feature already but you can only apply it to all tracks. It would be great to have this feature per track.

Because when sometimes I want to data zoom my vocals but don't want to data zoom my FX, as the FX is already loud, they look like they are clipping when zoomed.

 I know the real intent for this feature is not the have it zoomed up all the time, but to data zoom, edit easily, then turn the data zoom off. But still, if we can make it per track basis, it would be a good tool to achieve visual consistency on how audio waveforms look throughout the song.

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answered Aug 6, 2021 by arturgodlewski (2,020 points)
(Hi from KvR :) )

I downvoted this particular FR because it's not a good idea, because it would be confusing comparing - visually - tracks at different zoom levels. If tracks have relatively different volumes, just use the clip gain to make them even or similar and then use data zoom to adjust all at once.