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Enhanced Visual Indicators for Active Track Selection

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asked Jan 22 in Mixing by DamianDelgadillo (220 points)
Hello PreSonus Studio One Team,

I am reaching out to suggest an enhancement for the Studio One user interface, targeting a more intuitive and efficient workflow.

As a new user transitioning from ProTools to Studio One, I have encountered a challenge in rapidly identifying the active or selected track in both the timeline and mixer windows. The current design, which slightly brightens the selected track (cursor active), proves subtle and difficult to discern, particularly when managing a large number of tracks. This often results in a time-consuming process of carefully scrolling in the timeline and then having to double-check the selection in the mix window.

To improve the user experience and efficiency, I propose a more pronounced visual distinction for the actively selected track only. One potential solution could be a thicker, more vibrant frame around the active channel, particularly highlighting (wrapping)the left side channel strip. This enhancement should also be reflected in the mix window, ensuring consistent and clear identification of the selected track across different views.

I have observed similar requests from other users dating back to 2017, suggesting a widespread desire for this improvement within the Studio One community. Incorporating such a feature would not only aid users transitioning from other DAWs like myself but also significantly enhance the overall user experience by making the active (cursor active) track more visible and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I am confident that this enhancement would greatly improve workflow efficiency and increase user satisfaction across the Studio One community.

Best regards,

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