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A more obvious visual indicator of Selected Channel/Track

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asked Jan 25 in Look and Feel by nicbarnshaw (1,060 points)
For me, when working on large projects i find myself constantly losing track of which track is the selected track in my console view. When there's 60+ tracks (plus busses etc) and EVERYTHING is different colours, the slight change of tint for the selected track is not enough of a visual indicator to quickly tell me where my spot is. It's hard to pinpoint. So I waste time looking for my selected track because i have to read the track names instead, 1-3 seconds here, 1-3 seconds there, it doesn't sound like much but it adds up, and the repetition of it is exhausting and distracting and pulls me out of flowstate.

It's really the only thing about Studio One that significantly slows down my flow. Everything else is great

Perhaps a solution could be to give us an option to have a red border around the selected channel so that it's more obvious

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answered Jun 10 by Daw Stew (12,160 points)
i do like the idea of having a border to define the view.