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How can save all the channel names in Capture?

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asked Mar 29, 2016 in Capture for StudioLive by Mvbelle (500 points)
How can save all the channel names in Capture? Right now I'll have to retype them every week in capture, allthough I renamed the channel names in de VSL (not AI) using Universal Control. So the channel names are available in the mixer and in universal control.

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answered Mar 29, 2016 by Whiskey Alibi (400 points)
I can't swear that this is going to work for you (I'm typing the answer from memory) but I had the same issue. I "think" you have to type in the names you want and then save the scene to disk. I do know that one of the things that confused me the most was that if you drag that scene over the fat channel area, it will load everything "but" the names. If you want to recreate those names, drag the scene over the tracks that you want to load the names to.

You'll want to experiment a little regardless. As I said, I'm recreating this from memory and I don't have the mixer or a laptop close by where I can try it for you to make sure.

I will be in our practice space tomorrow night and if I get the chance, and what I've typed doesn't work for you, I'll give it a shot then and see what is required. I haven't needed to do this in a long time because I only do sound for one band that seldom changes lineup.

Another thought is to download the QMIX app for your phone and type in the settings there. I'm taking a wild guess that they will sync up and you can save the scene. I rarely use the QMIX app so I don't have a lot of experience with it, but I typed all that information in just yesterday and I'll coincidentally be using it tomorrow night.

Good luck!