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My Eris 3.5 are "weak" or have a kind of input attenuation when I connect Eleven Rack

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asked Aug 20, 2021 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by davidescalona (130 points)
Hi! I come from a Logitech Z625 which were fine until they broke :P so I got this Eris 3.5. I basically want them to play the guitar and as a media speakers. I think they sound fine but when I connect my Eleven Rack I have noticed the input has less gain. This is difficult to explain but I have to set more gain on the Eleven Rack rig to sound similar to what I listen when I connect the headphones.

I have the headphones output of the Eleven Rack connected directly to the Eris line unbalanced input using a 1/4 Jack to RCA cable.

If I connect my headset to the Eris phones output I hear it right as it should be, but using the speakers it sounds, as I did mention, weak or with less gain.

I bought them to play the guitar and I can't use them for that purpose at this moment, what I'm doing wrong? The speakers is the only thing I have change in my setup, previously it sounded ok with the Logitech Z625.


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